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Group sessions are dynamic, engaging, fulfilling, and deeply rewarding experiences.

In each group session, Christina not only connects participants to the transformative power of God, but she also connects people to the healing power of love; teaching people how to find purpose in their pain, meaning in their hardships, and the love that's surrounding and guiding them always - even when it doesn't feel like it.

People walk away feeling more connected to themselves; more connected to one another; more connected to their faith; and more prepared to walk this Earth aligned with God in thought and in deed.


Of course, there are other goodies like spontaneous healings; inner peace tools; Q&A time; and coaching people in real-time through their traumas, hardships, pain, and joy in the group event setting. 

Bottom line: Your cup will overflow with everything your heart, soul, and human needs to feel the love of God in every aspect of your life and within every fiber of your human being.


Groups of friends

Bible study groups

Families in chaos

Meetup groups

Church groups

Church congregations

Book clubs

Workout groups

Gyms/yoga studios

School groups

Self-empowerment/Personal growth groups

AA meetings

Any group (of two or more people) who wants to grow, heal, evolve -- get closer to God, and get closer to living aligned, joy-filled lives.